My Travelin’ Bones

Why I travel:

It’s out of my hands, I’ve got them ol’ travelin’ bones.  The world is endlessly fascinating and I’m sure that during my life I’ll experience only the thin veneer of its richness and complexity, but I’m going to try to taste as much of it as possible! GUAT 422

I feel most immersed in a foreign culture when: when I am invited to eat in the house of locals; when I understand their art and politics; when I begin to learn some of the language; when I can look at a menu and know what I’m ordering in their language; when I get inside jokes

I hope to make a difference by:

Being a citizen diplomat.  Sometimes travel is just travel.  But I also think that travel can be a profound source of learning and a catalyst for positive social change.  I enjoy making the connections between what happens at home and what happens abroad.  The more I travel the more I try to support local organizations and have a positive impact on communities where I go.

My favorite travel quote: “Caminante, no hay camino,se hace camino al andar”–Antonio Machado.  “Wanderer, there is no road, you make the road by walking” (part of a longer poem)

Also, the Easter Island proverb: “We are born.  We eat yams. Then, we die.”

Travel Writers I’ve been influenced by: Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad, Jack Kerouac, Rolf Potts, Bull Bryson, Jeff Greenwald, Pico Iyer.  Perhaps Conrad’s dark assessment is balanced by Bryson’s and Twain’s humor?


Before I die I’d still like to:

Scuba-dive with a whale off the Galapagos Islands, get color-bombed at Holi Festival in India, perfect my Spanish by living in Ecuador or another South American country for a year, and hike the Appalachian Trails and Muir Trails end to end

Best place I’ve see the sun rise:

Atop Volcan Tajumulco in Guatemala

First travel abroad experience: Fishing trips to Canadian lakes with my family in the back of my grandpa’s red truck

Lastest travel abroad experience: Mexico, (specifically Tequila outside of Guadalajara, Lago Patzcuaro in Michoacan, and Oaxaca)

One place I’d never visit: Can’t think of one

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