Submerging Oneself Under the Falls at Misol-ha in Chiapas, Mexico

It’s more than a 100-foot drop into a deep pool ringed by mossy boulders wet from mist being blown off the falls. The thunderous sound of the waterfall pounds the ears, while fine mist gently soaks your clothes. Just outside of Palenque, Misol-Ha is a waterfall-lovers love affair. If you want a mini-adventure and can’t resist the urge (since you’ll already be soaked with sweat from jungle heat), venture across the slippery rocks into the chilly, but refreshing water. All of your strength is required to push your humble human body under the massive downpour. The sound roars, the pulse quickens, adrenaline surges. The cascade hits you like the weight of centuries without regard to your tiny existence, pushing you under like a cork hit by an ocean-liner. Close your eyes and allow this primordial font to baptize you.

Visit my original travel blog: Chiapas 1: Welcome to the Jungle


~ by Ryan Van Lenning on August 15, 2009.

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