Tasting Tequila in the Heartland of Tequila

Fermentation2It lifts your spirits and conquers shyness.  It opens doors and even fixes broken hearts.  At least according to the “Propriedades del Tequila” posted in the cantina of La Cofradia distillery  of  in which I’m enjoying various concoctions of tequila.  PinasI’m in the heartland of tequila, the home of Cuervo and Sauza, in the state of Jalisco, surrounded by gorgeous fields of Blue Agave plants.  The aroma of fermentation is thick in my nostrils as I chew on a small sweet sliver of pina, the core of the agave plant.  Manuel, our ‘tequila guide’, continues explaining the distillation process.  Here the spiky plant is magically transformed into that most trusty companion of margaritas the world over.  tequilaFinally, my favorite part: sampling all the varieties of tequila, in caballitos (shots) con sal y limon.  Blancos, jovenes, reposados, and anejos—doesn’t matter to me.  Viva Tequila!


~ by Ryan Van Lenning on June 21, 2009.

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